Four – Wheeler’s Bible

四駆乗りの為のバイブル。(アメリカ、英語)Jim Allen (著)による2nd エディション、MBI出版。

Bible は聖典を意味する単語であるが、この場合は基本的な解説書を意味する。つまり四輪駆動車に乗ってオフロードを走ろうとする人々の為の基本解説書である。

Jim Allen has long been four-wheelers’ most respected and reliable guide.  This new edition of Allen’s bestselling Four-Wheeler’s Bible includes all the basics for getting the most out of  your four-wheeler, along with updates on new vehicles, projects, events, and opportunities.  The book begins with basic modifications–such as increasing ground clearance and traction with larger wheels and tires–then gathers speed for more advanced and radical mods, from installing lift kits to increasing suspension articulation.  Step-by-step photo sequences guide you through whatever modifications suit your vehicles and your needs. 

With the best information on the latest Jeeps and other off-road vehicles; the most trustworthy advice on used and vintage models; and the most up-to-date news about events, courses, and competitions, this new edition of the

Four-Wheeler’s Bible is a resource no four-wheeler will want to be without.


Four – Wheeler’s Bible, (256p) US$29.99


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